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Want to leave your guests talking about your event for months? Desi Junction DJ’s will entertain your guests above and beyond your expectations. Our team of talented DJ’s will mix music live according to your likes and needs.


Premium Sound Packages

At Desi Junction DJs, we always invest in the highest quality sound equipment. With a full fleet of RCF Line Array speakers, we make sure every guest can hear every word of every speech before turning your ballroom into a full blown club.



This is a must have! No matter which venue you have for your event, LED lighting will add a completely new look and feel. With our DMX lighting we are able to coordinate all uplights with a flick of a switch and change the color as needed.



From formal events to full blown parties, our professional, well spoken emcees are all you need to keep your guests entertained for the entire event. From the moment the doors open to the moment the party ends our emcees will liven up the crowd and keep the energy high!


LED Wall Displays

Transform your reception stage by adding an LED Wall. Available in widths up to 40 feet and in custom designs, this is sure to be the WOW factor of your event. Be sure to ask our sales team about how you can incorporate an LED wall into your event!


On Site Technicians

With the vast amount of professional grade equipment we set up, we need talented and experienced technicians to run the show. At Desi Junction DJs, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a concert level experience at your event!

DJ Chani - Chandani & Manu - Hilton Americas - Reception - LED Booth, Uplighting, Moving H

Dhol Players

There is nothing that ties western weddings back to their roots like live dhol drumming. Our dhol players can turn even the most shy guests in to dancing machines. Our dholis are able to entertain nonstop with drumming like you have never heard before!


Intelligent Lighting

Our intelligent lighting can be used in a variety of ways. We can add moving gobo effects around the room, spotlight certain areas of the room, or just utilize them to make your event feel like a Las Vegas Nightclub! Let us help make your dream a reality with our intelligent lighting!


Laser Light Show

Looking for that next level lighting at your event? Our computer controlled lasers can help add on that extra layer of visual stimulation. Ask us about our newest offering in lighting!



Sparkulars, or Cold Sparklers, are one of the newest innovations in special effects. These machines are completely safe for use indoors and operate at cool temperatures. These are great for entrances, first dances, and open dance floor! Ask us about our new ceiling mounted sparkulars!


CO2 Jets and Cannons

CO2 Jets and Cannons can help add that festival or concert feel to your event! Not only does it look cool, but it actually is cooling! We offer CO2 as a cannon, jets on stage, or both. Whichever you select, you won't go wrong! Ask us about adding CO2 to your event!


Dancing on the Clouds

Our professional dry ice machines create a thick, white fog that hugs the floor. This is used to create that dreamy Bollywood effect of dancing in the clouds! The fog stays low to the ground so your guests will still be able to see every step you both make!

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